Trip to El Pelon featuring the artist Brian Nason Hippern. Created by sacruhlicious:

A test of endurance and stamina and poor judgment. All contestants are placed around a table we precede chili after chili till the last man/woman is standing. They have 2 minutes to eat each pepper; if you can't move to the next pepper you will be eliminated.

Community support is one the foundation of our philosophy. See this clip when we were featured on the news for helping out in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Not everyone has the stomach for this one, but those who dare, those that have what it takes, hold the honor of being one of Boston's strongest! Take a peek at what happens shortly after the beginning of the contest.

A fun look at the 2017 El Pelon 5K at Chestnut Hill Reservoir with Boston Road Runners and Team El Pelon...

Get a look at some of those t-shirts from around the world.

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